PSIA-AASI Announces Sno-Go as an Official Supplier

PSIA-AASI welcomes Sno-Go as a new PSIA-AASI Official Supplier. Sno-Go introduces new and experienced snowsports enthusiasts to sliding on snow using similar mechanics to standing on or riding a bike – an activity that people are already familiar with – so people can have a successful first day on the mountain.

“Sno-Go is the perfect choice for all mountain access whether you’re new to snowsports or just interested in changing things up from skiing or snowboarding,” said professional skier and Sno-Go’s Director of Marketing Rob Aseltine. “Through our technology – something we call the S.L.A.T. system – we capture an intuitive bike-riding motion and pair it with a ski technology designed to perform in all types of snow conditions.”

Aseltine said that the S.L.A.T system allows a person to turn, stop, and carve all by leaning on the handlebars. He said, “Arguably one of the best parts about Sno-Go is how easy it is to learn. Most people pick it up within a few runs and are riding the chairlift for the rest of the day.”

“Sno-Go provides people who want to get outdoors and spend time at the resorts with their friends and family another option, so everyone can have fun together,” said PSIA-AASI Chief Executive Officer Nicholas Herrin. “We’re working with Sno-Go to create education tools and resources so that they can successfully launch to resorts. This means educating resorts, resort staff, and riders about the product, and instructors about how to teach a Sno-Go lesson.”

Herrin said that as part of the partnership, PSIA-AASI will create an e-learning course that educates participants on topics such as: how to stop, how to load and upload the lift, and other safety considerations. The course will be available to resort staff, specifically instructors, so they can teach guests how to Sno-Go. Herrin said the e-learning course will also help mountain operations become familiar with and learn about the product before they see it on their slopes.

“We’re excited about working with PSIA-AASI so we can learn from their decades of experience in snowsports training,” said Aseltine. “They also know how to introduce new technology to resorts and guests to ensure everyone has the resources they need to learn to ride Sno-Gos, and have fun on the mountains for the winters ahead.”

Herrin and Aseltine said they’re looking forward to their two companies working together because the partnership helps increase access to the slopes with equipment that makes it easy to learn to slide. To learn more, visit Sno-Go’s YouTube page.