Start the Year with Video Courses Created with SKI Magazine

PSIA-AASI partnered with SKI Magazine to create online courses that help promote the work you do on snow, and also provide your students an overview of what to expect when they take a lesson. These two courses were created to educate guests about uphill touring, and show parents the most successful ways to introduce their kids to skiing.

Learn How to Earn Your Turns

Join the ski touring movement. Learn how to earn your turns by skinning up and skiing down. SKI Magazine and PSIA created a new online course Earn Your Turns: Uphill Skiing 101, which covers the essential gear, skills, and strategies for inbounds adventures. Pro instructor and uphilling expert Charlie MacArthur will teach you everything you need to know to unlock the beauty and fun of skiing uphill.  Uphill Skiing 101.

How to Raise a Skier

PSIA-AASI teamed up with SKI Magazine to create a new e-learning course for parents on How to Raise a Skier, taught by parents Aleks (Alpine Level III) and Brian Smith (PSIA-AASI National Team). This course is essential for anyone who wants to get their kids to become lifelong snowsports enthusiasts. How to Raise a Skier.

Here, Brian talks about making the course, and how it can benefit you when it’s time to ski with your kids and how you talk to the parents of younger students.