Stay Active with the FREE Fitness for Skiing and Snowboarding Guide

Looking for a way to stay fit from the comfort of your home or condo?

The Fitness for Skiing and Snowboarding guide is available for free to members as a digital edition, and can help you build a personalized workout routine to stay healthy for snowsports, or any other activity you want to do.

Written by former PSIA Alpine Team member Chris Fellows and Douglas Kechijian, the guide offers timely guidance for a fitness training regimen that promotes improved movement and body longevity for snowsports instructors.

Even if your local gym is temporarily closed, there are many exercises you can do at home, including the Inch Worm, Half-Kneeling Windmill, Heiden Jump, Bear Crawl, and, of course, Push-Ups, to name a few.

Fellows said anyone who uses the book will see increased performance and body durability, and that it includes, “Well thought through exercises and drills that address the physical preparation needs of all skiers and riders. These are tried and true drills that will create solid foundations for athletic movement on snow.”

Use the book to build a physical fitness recipe with the proper ingredients that you can mix and match to meet their specific needs. It will help you finish this season being stronger, more mobile and with better endurance, and will also provide a good starting point for a fun and challenging season next fall.