Goggles for Docs, Award Nomination Deadline + Online Learning Options

Skiers, snowboarders and PSIA-AASI Official Suppliers such as Smith and Anon are stepping up to provide eye protection for the doctors and first responders battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Goggles for Docs is a program that gets used or new ski and snowboard goggles into the hands of healthcare workers who currently have no eye protection as they treat COVID-19 patients. PSIA-AASI Official Suppliers including Smith and Anon have donated to the cause, and you can too by following the simple steps on the Goggles for Docs website.

Dan Hogan, Snowsports School Director at Windham Mountain in New York, has donated nearly 350 goggles from his local instructors and clients. He said one of his instructors, who works as a science teacher in Brooklyn, donated about 400 lab goggles, and his in-laws collected about 70 pairs.

“The network that’s been created around this is pretty incredible,” Hogan said. “It’s been a bright spot for a community that’s taken a pretty big hit. I’ve been talking to Jon Schaeffer at Berkshire East Mountain Resort (in Massachusetts), who started this project, and I can’t wait to go meet him in person after we get through this.”

Three C’s, Rising Star, Top of the Course Award Deadline

Nominations for the Three C’s, Angus Graham Rising Star, and Top of the Course Awards are due April 30.

The Three C’s award recognizes members who demonstrate positive leadership behavior within a snowsport school. Positive leadership may be shown through their ability to support their peers within their school and division, as well as volunteering when positive action is needed.

The Angus Graham Rising Star award recognizes young standout PSIA-AASI members who have demonstrated positive leadership within the snowsports industry. This award is for members who show extraordinary promise charting a career path within the snowsport industry.

The Top of the Course award is presented to members pursuing Level III certification. It recognizes individuals who score at the highest percentile in skiing/snowboarding, teaching and technical knowledge, and who empower other candidates during the exam process.

Continue Learning with PSIA-AASI’s Digital Courses

While the ski season ended early for our community, you can still continue your online learning this month. Check out this list of online learning opportunities from PSIA-AASI and PSIA-AASI Divisions. Depending on what you take, you can even pick up some CEUs, regardless of what PSIA-AAS Division you belong to or what PSIA-AASI Division is hosting the event.