Stephen Over, Mark Dorsey Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Stephen Over and Mark Dorsey, both of whom served individually as Chief Executive Officer of PSIA-AASI, have been honored with the association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The award recognizes exceptional members who have designed and implemented programs, projects, and procedures affecting the association on a national level.

Stephen and Dorsey have exhibited dedication, devotion, and self-sacrifice serving in national level leadership positions. The two join 18 other influential snowsports instruction pioneers in receiving the award, including PSIA’s seven founders.

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As one of the individuals who nominated Stephen, past PSIA-AASI President Ray Allard said, “I feel that Stephen Over is deserving of the Lifetime Achievement Award because during his tenure, he was recognized as one of the key players in the industry, and because he turned our organization around and set in place things that have allowed us to reach the high level of professionalism we enjoy today.”

Stephen said of the award, “It signifies to me that my efforts did make a difference and are truly appreciated. It also means that the board members and the people I worked with can also feel and be acknowledged for a job well done. Without their efforts and guidance, I would not be receiving this award.”

He added that, “My involvement provided the opportunity to be a part of all the dedicated instructors so committed to their profession. Facilitating and supporting their actions to build and improve this growing profession has been a great reward.”

As one of the individuals who nominated Mark, PSIA-AASI Board Chairman Ed Younglovenoted that from 1989 until 2015, during which time Mark served as marketing director, assistant executive director, and then CEO, “he worked to ensure that snowboard instructors’ messages about the validity of the sport and the benefits of taking lessons was accepted by the snowsports industry when AASI was created in 1997, and over his career grew membership from 29,000 to 32,343 members while continuing to build strong sponsor and industry relationships.”

Mark, who worked with Stephen, said, “To receive this award as a staffer and alongside Steve tells me that PSIA-AASI is vibrant and valuable, and that our contributions to help get there are appreciated. It’s even more humbling because volunteers are those conveying this award, and it’s such an honor to be recognized by those whom our work is intended to benefit.”

He added that some of his personal highlights include a renewed focus on student-centered teaching, which was at the heart of PSIA-AASI’s 2011 Interski presentation at St. Anton, Austria, and improved training programs for the volunteers who support disabled skiers and riders.

He said, “It was my honor to support a membership that enables millions of people from all walks of life to overcome challenges, to feel the electricity that comes with gliding down the mountain, and to do things they might never imagine they could do.”

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