A Message from Nicholas Herrin, PSIA-AASI CEO

In these turbulent times, I find myself leaning more and more on our strong community of snowsports educators. With all that’s happening in our country and the world, it’s amazing – and comforting – to see how we are coming together and supporting each other.

Being abruptly forced apart from one another during the height of our season has been incredibly hard, and it really drove home how grateful and proud I am to be a part of PSIA-AASI. I have a network of friends that I can rely upon now more than ever, and I’m sure most of you feel the same way. Much more than just an education association, PSIA-AASI is the community it creates for all of us as members.

Given the current challenges posed by the coronavirus, some of you may feel that this reminder about renewing your dues doesn’t come at a particularly good time. I get that, but as a non-profit organization committed to delivering the highest level of programing to you and all of our members, PSIA-AASI still needs your support – so we can continue to build upon our strong community of snowsports educators and come back even stronger next winter.

Together, the association’s operational leaders are finding ways to deliver additional educational value for all members and also offer a financial support-and-payment plan to those who may need a little extra leeway in the coming months. Specifically,

  • PSIA-AASI is waiving the late fee for dues until October 1. We hope members who can pay their dues now will do so, making a commitment to the organization so PSIA-AASI can go into the 2020-21 season at full stride. Our goal in waiving late fees until October 1 is to help those people who need a bit of support to get through the summer months and into next fall before renewing their membership.
  • Another goal as an organization is to always find ways to add educational value for our members. Over the years, we’ve strengthened access to digital resources as a key component of professional development. For this coming year, we would like to extend free digital access to the Snowsports Teaching Manual as well as the technical manual for your primary teaching discipline (adaptive alpine, alpine, cross country, snowboard, or telemark). While you can certainly purchase the print editions of these through the PSIA-AASI Catalog, we hope this free digital access further supports your success in the snowsports industry.

Button to renew membership with PSIA-AASI.

Our commitment to each other must never waver as we take on new and challenging tasks. As a PSIA-AASI member, you are part of an amazing community of snowsports athletes and teachers and we want to keep that community intact. We look forward to you renewing your membership for the coming season so that, with your help, we continue to help make a positive difference for all of our members’ education and connection to snowsports.

I’m so grateful to have you in our community, and thank you for your support.

Nicholas Herrin