Western CEO Kristi Prochazka Discusses How E-Learning Prepares Us for the Future

In today’s news, Western Division CEO Kristi Prochazka discusses how critical it is for PSIA-AASI to plan now for the opportunities and challenges the association will face in regards to COVID-19, and how digital learning will serve as one of our key tools.

In other e-learning news, PSIA Alpine Team member Josh Fogg discusses how the proliferation of digital learning opportunities can inspire members to start planning their next season and Ryan Christofferson talks about how Western’s new online events are available to all members.

Kristi’s Top Takeaways

Define now what we will look like in the future: As leaders of this organization, it is our responsibility to define what we look like in the future, and now a future with COVID-19. How we deliver information, conduct clinics, and the process of exams in the 2020-21 season will be different. Snowsports instruction is being reimagined. As a result, we have the opportunity to provide more remote learning experiences for members.

Divisional lines and membership access: Now members can learn from our pool of talented teachers across the nation. Divisions are working together on virtual terrain, through video and webinars. Just as the medical world has transitioned quickly with Telehealth, we too have gone online to provide educational opportunities with fewer restrictions. It should also appeal to and attract younger, tech-savvy members, not only around the nation but around the world.

Discipline team access: Video conferencing allows our education teams to liaise with one another. When faced with complicated topics they can consult with other pros by the touch of a button. This saves time, which we all know our volunteers already give so much of. This way, smaller divisions and member schools can access a broader knowledge base too, which will help improve our programs.

Long-term impact: We are stronger. Commitment to teamwork is key so that we can be better, do better, and provide better. We have been doing just that, thanks to Nick Herrin, Dave Schuiling, Sue Urbanczyk, and the leaders from all divisions who support our organization’s Three C’s initiative: communication, collaboration, and consolidation. We are facing this challenge and discovering new possibilities together and making it happen. Our shared services and joint efforts in taking professional development online has so far been successful and with Dave’s leadership in setting up the National Webinar Task Force will help continue the success.