PMBIA Partnership Gives Instructors New Education Opportunities

PSIA-AASI partnered with the Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association (PMBIA) to bring year-round educational opportunities to ski, snowboard, and mountain bike instructors.

This partnership means ski and snowboard instructors can pursue education and training opportunities in the off-season so they can teach others to mountain bike, and mountain bike instructors can pursue education and training opportunities that will help them work as ski and snowboard instructors.

“This partnership is a natural fit because our two organizations focus our education and training for our instructors on a student-centered approach,” said Nick Herrin, PSIA-AASI’s CEO. “This means we focus instruction on the student’s goals. The training and courses our associations provide help our instructors learn how to make the process of learning how to ski, snowboard, or mountain bike easy to understand and fun.”

“This partnership aligns with our core strategy on many fronts and can help provide both organizations members the ability to expand their teaching expertise in the winter and in the summer months,” said David Gagnon, PMBIA Executive Director.

PSIA-AASI and PMBIA members can earn and transfer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) between the associations to stay current on their training throughout the year as PMBIA courses meet PSIA-AASI education standards and can be applied for PSIA-AASI CEUs.

“We’re excited to provide our members with additional educational opportunities to help them expand their skillsets,” said Nick. “Training and working as mountain bike instructors during the summer will help instructors attain CEUs to maintain their PSIA-AASI certification levels.”

You can follow PSIA-AASI and PMBIA on Facebook or Instagram @thesnowpros and @pmbiassociation.

To see and sign up for a PMBIA event, visit After your event, contact your division to apply your PMBIA CEUs to your PSIA-AASI membership.