6 Questions with Amy Gan

Catch up with members of the PSIA-AASI National Team, and candidates invited to the 2021 Team Selection, as they discuss how they are staying in shape this summer, making goals for next winter, and creating new education resources for the association.

This week we catch up with AASI Snowboard Team member Amy Gan.

How are you staying busy?

I am trying to spend as much time as possible doing outdoor activities, such as biking, paddle boarding, hiking, and running.

What is your go-to offseason workout?

Mountain biking, road biking, and trail running. I like to have some goals on the horizon – usually a fall race or two to keep me motivated to train. Even if the physical race won’t happen this year, I plan to do it solo so that I still have something I’m working toward.

Big goals for next season?

Keep peers and members stoked and motivated to keep learning and progressing, regardless of what our winter ends up looking like.

Which digital resource would you recommend for other members?

I recommend using The Matrix. It’s such a great tool to help sharpen your eye. When I’m trying to understand how a move works, I watch a video, or just a few seconds of a video over and over, frame by frame to really figure out what I’m seeing. Then I’ll speed it up so I can begin to understand what the move looks like in real time. I do this with tricks I want to learn also.

Favorite snowboard movie?

Side Hit Society.

What educational initiative or taskforce project are you working on right now?

The Freestyle Taskforce – we are making some headway! And the Eastern Division Women’s Summit Taskforce.