First Look at Atomic’s New Connected App

Along with several new skis and boots for carving racecourses to skiing powder, PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Atomic is also introducing their new Atomic Connected App this fall. Here are three ways you can incorporate the app into your lessons and your personal ski time.

Track Your Day

Get the information you want, when you want it. With in-depth technique analysis, the Atomic Connected App is built off the Sports Tracker Community delivering loads of ski specific data like balance, pressure control, and edging. It knows your ability level, how well you carve, your turn G forces, turn size, slope angle, turn count, GPS track, run count, average speed, top speed, total distance, total vertical, and more.

Atomic connected on a ski boot

Challenge Your Friends

The app lets you compete with your friends and share with the global ski community. When your friends complete their ski day or reach a training goal, you’ll get a notification and vice-versa. Users can also see how they stack up against World Cup champions like Benni Raich and Daron Rahlves.

Coach Yourself

The app is your training log, coach, and ski buddy, giving you the perfect inspirational video and the ultimate breakdown of your skiing technique the second you finish each run while archiving your results from a season’s worth of skiing. Set goals, reach targets, and improve your skiing. All on your phone.