Trauma Informed Care in Snowsports Instruction Webinar Now Available

This timely educational resource for ski and snowboard instructors teaching in the time of COVID-19 is available for members to access from now through January 31, 2021.

Log in to the PSIA-AASI e-learning website to purchase the webinar, led by Certified Trauma Professional Christine Cowart, where you can take the course and earn 1 CEU.

Trauma has been identified as an epidemic in our society. Studies indicate that a significant portion of the population have experienced harmful or life-threatening events that have impacted their everyday functioning or well-being.

“As we return to snow during an active pandemic, with social unrest in many communities, it’s important to recognize that many in our society are facing greater adversity than in previous years,” said Cowart. “This can amplify the effects of previous trauma, and result in clients experiencing more anxiety, fear, and difficulty coping with situations that stretch their comfort zone.”

Research shows that individuals living with a disability are even more at risk for having experienced trauma in their lives than the rest of the population, but also shows that resilience, and a person’s ability to overcome serious hardship, can be grown over time.

“Adopting trauma-informed techniques in your teaching can help clients break through those barriers and achieve a higher level of success and greater peace on the snow than ever before,” Cowart said.

At the end of the presentation, participants will have a basic understanding of what trauma is and the impacts it can have on a person. They will also understand what resilience is, why it is helpful, and how it can be grown, and will be able to identify at least three ways they can apply the principles of trauma-informed care in snow sports instruction.

Listen to Cowart discuss this topic in more detail in this recent First Chair podcast.