Cross Country, Telemark Coaches Celebrate the Freedom of Free-Heel

In these two timely First Chair podcasts, PSIA Cross Country Coach Emily Lovett and PSIA Telemark Coach Greg Dixon talk about the opportunities they see for free-heel skiing this winter.

Emily Predicts an Increase in Cross Country Skiing

PSIA-AASI’s First Chair podcast catches up with PSIA Cross Country Coach Emily Lovett about how learning to cross country ski this winter will be a perfect half-day family and friend activity. Listen to her recommendations on how instructors can approach teaching groups that may include students with different skill levels. To learn more about cross country skiing, check out your local Nordic centers and the Beginner’s Guide to Cross Country Skiing page.

PSIA Telemark Coach Talks About His New Role

Greg Dixon serves as the new PSIA Telemark Coach for the PSIA-AASI National Team. In this podcast, he shares his story about his role, and how over the last two years he’s grown as a leader within the telemark discipline while PSIA transitioned from one single Nordic Coach to two separate coach’s — telemark and cross country. Greg’s leadership, combined with his passion for the sport and PSIA-AASI, will help him provide dedicated support to the telemark discipline.