Attend Mountain Bike Course at Virginia’s Bryce Resort

In this new podcast, First Chair catches up with David Gagnon, the executive director of the Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association (PMBIA), who has entered a new partnership with PSIA-AASI. David chats about a new PMBIA Level 1 course dedicated specifically to PSIA-AASI members.

This course – open to PSIA-AASI members only – will be held at Virginia’s Bryce Resort on Friday, Oct. 30 through Sunday, Nov. 1. It is limited to 6 participants, each of whom can earn 12 CEUs.

The Level 1 course is for both new and experienced instructors alike, looking to learn how to skillfully teach and guide beginner to intermediate mountain bikers, in both cross country and downhill environments. Learn the tools you need to safely and effectively teach and increase your level of skill and understanding in teaching and riding theory.

The course will focus on teaching skills in their own right, to develop a sense of this all-important part of a mountain bike lesson. As you learn and practice proven, modern teaching skills through the course, you’ll see how being a good rider is only one part of being a professional instructor.

Members who take the course can expect to learn how their snowsports skills crossover to mountain bike instruction, recognize opportunities for continued education and offseason job skills, and see how they can teach on the trails year-round.

You can register on the PMBIA website.