Education Task Force Highlight:

Lynnea Anderson

The Education Task Force Highlight Series spotlights education leaders working to create new certification standards, education resources, and communication strategies that will benefit all members.

In this highlight, we sit down with Alpine Task Force member Lynnea Anderson.

What task force are you on?

Alpine Task Force

What’s your current snowsports job title?

Instructor and Staff Trainer

Share a brief bio of your professional snowsports instruction history.

I have taught for 24 years, plus four seasons in Australia. Both my parents taught skiing at Badger Pass in Yosemite National Park as I was growing up. I first started teaching under the amazing Nic Fiore. This will be my 18th season on the Western Division Ed Staff; my 8th year on the Alpine Steering Committee, and my 2nd year as the Western Task Force Chair.

What is your current role on the task force?

Western Task Force Chair

What are the task force’s main goals and how are you working to accomplish them?

To help the Western Division grow and improve with the national changes. Our big-picture goal is to work toward alignment with all the other divisions. In our division, we are working to do that through open dialog, candid conversations, and education of our staff and members.

How will this benefit members?

Greater consistency across the nation, which includes greater education opportunities across the whole country (the education events in each division are applicable to all members and not specific to the division), more brains working together, and more transparency in our process.

Why is it important to you to work for the benefit of other members?

There are so many amazing people, ideas, and opportunities in the snowsports industry. We are at a time where it is easier than ever to share those resources and make our jobs, lives, learning opportunities, and fun factors even better. It is incredible to be a part of these groups and to help bring these resources to our members.

What’s the fun factor?

Ha, I did not read this question before I answered the last one. Perfect lead in. Personally, the ability to share something with so many people who come from so many different backgrounds, expectations, desires, and goals. I love that we can all come together, share, and become stronger, and better.

Best part of being an instructor?

You get to see the best of people. They are skiing or snowboarding with me because they want to have fun and enjoy themselves.