Scott Anfang Shares His Top Tips for Family Private Lessons

Former AASI Snowboard Team Coach and current Snowboard Team member Scott Anfang shares his top tips for teaching family private lessons.

  1. Ask the adults their expectations of the lesson. If they tell you it’s all about the kids, you have their permission to focus on the kids.
  2. Make it all about play and keep it fun for the kids.
  3. When working with the adults, be sure to explain the steps and goals of an exercise. Tell them “why” and “how” it works – it’s to OK to geek out a bit.
  4. For lesson pace, create individual challenges so everyone can improve a skill while working on the same terrain.
  5. You can keep the group on the same terrain, and utilize the terrain differently for each skill level. Give your students feedback, directions, and special areas of focus.