Tony Macri Shares His Top Tips for Teaching in the Time of COVID-19

PSIA-AASI National Team member Tony Macri, who was on snow at Loveland Ski Area in Colorado the past two weeks, shares his insight on teaching successful lessons in the time of COVID-19.

Here are some of Tony’s observations from being back on snow.

  • Don’t be afraid to talk about COVID at the start of the class and make sure you understand everyone’s comfort level. Set some ground rules, like whether or not it’s okay to fist bump if you’re wearing mittens.
  • Clearly introduce yourself and make sure everyone can read your name tag. Point out the sticker on your helmet or anything that makes you stand out from your colleagues. Everyone will have face masks on and instructors wear the same uniform so it might be difficult for your students to identify you.
  • You will probably need to speak a lot louder with a mask on and your students standing further apart.
  • I noticed I talked less and did more demos from different vantage points to really demonstrate what different body parts are doing.
  • Plan ahead for where you want to stop on the hill, your group will need more space to spread out when you do stop.
  • Remember to stay patient with each other, especially the lift ops. They’re doing everything they can to ensure we can all stay out on the snow.

Overall, everybody was working together and respecting each other’s space. It actually feels normal to be on the hill because so many of us typically wear masks when we are skiing and riding. It’s amazing being back doing something that we love to do.