Dynamic Wax Joins PSIA-AASI as Official Supplier

Dynamic Wax recently joined PSIA-AASI as an Official Supplier, offering member-specific pricing on their spray-on wax solution for quick and effective application. The wax penetrates and bonds inside of ski and snowboard base materials by using nanoparticles that are 800 times thinner than human hair. Just spray on the base of your skis or snowboard and then hit the slopes.

This revolutionary non-toxic product creates an advanced hydrophobic layer that repels water, resulting in the fastest, easiest to apply wax ever made, all while remaining safe for users and the environment when used as directed.

Led by Kevin Greco, a technology futurist and former SpaceX’er, Dynamic Wax ushers in the snowsport industry’s first-ever patented, fluoro-free, PFOA-free and VOC-free nanotech spray wax. Dynamic Wax is the answer to the International Ski Federation’s ban on toxic, fluorinated wax.

“It’s time for a change,” said Greco. “Skiers and snowboarders should not have to choose between safety and performance. We all deserve a high performance wax that doesn’t pose a serious threat to the environment and the user, but does tackle the issue of speed, convenience, and sustainability head-on. Dynamic Wax is here to do that.”

Dynamic Wax works in all temperatures and on all snow types, including wet and slushy snow. There’s no heat necessary to apply, no curing process, and no cleanup. Dynamic Wax’s spray-on solution cuts the application process from approximately 30 minutes or more, down to 30 seconds. Dynamic Wax “GHOST” edition is appropriate for all enthusiasts, from beginners to professional instructors.

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