New Podcasts on Family Private Lessons & Level I Assessment Exams

Catch up on snowsports instruction topics with these two new First Chair podcasts, including Part 2 of Stacy Gerrish’s ‘Tea Talk’ which covers teaching family private lessons, and a podcast on how online training is helping Level I candidates prepare for certification.

Stacey on Teaching a Split Lesson for Multi-Disciplines

First Chair catches up with Stacey Gerrish for a podcast about what it’s like to teach a split lesson and what you can do to help teach both skiers and snowboarders. Get some tips on what you can do to help manage a split lesson. Listen in to get some tips and ideas for your own lessons and for your snowsports school.

Level I Certification Assessment with Francis Do

In this podcast, First Chair catches up with Francis Do about what it’s been like this season to lead assessments and instructors chat and share their stories after this post-Level I assessment. Francis chats about how well-prepared everyone has been this season because there’s so much information that’s now online.