Education Task Force Highlight: Jake Bolin

The Education Task Force Highlight Series spotlights education leaders working to create new certification standards, education resources, and communication strategies that will benefit all members.

In this highlight, we sit down with Snowboard Task Force member Jake Bolin.

What task force are you on?

The Snowboard Task Force, and I’ve also made some guest appearances on the Freestyle Task Force.

Current snowsports job title?

Director of Snow Sports for the Jon Reveal Ski and Sports School in Idaho.

Current role on the task force?

I do a lot of proof reading and editing. Our group does a great job of creating and contributing content, and my primary role is to view, review, view again, and review.

Why is it important to work for the benefit of other members?

It is important to keep our discipline – snowboarding – progressing. Now that members have multiple ways to gain knowledge and experience, we have to keep our certifications, clinics, clinic-topics, and overall sport up-to-date and current. The Snowboard Task Force is a small piece of a large picture. Stay Stoked!