New All-Mountain Skis From Atomic: the Maverick and Maven

New for the 2021-22 season, PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Atomic unveiled the Maverick (men’s) and Maven (women’s) all-mountain ski range, two entirely new lines of skis designed specifically for skiing in North America.

Sean Kennedy, North American Marketing Manager at Atomic Ski USA, said, “The two new all-mountain skis were inspired by the pioneers, peaks, and the endless variety of North American powder, windblown snow, and all-mountain conditions.”

Sean said the two new lines were developed through extensive testing across North America and Europe and that, “The Maverick and Maven skis focus on delivering an epic skiing experience in variable conditions across all terrain types.”

Atomic tested the skis everywhere from California, to British Columbia, to Quebec, and collected feedback from over sixty testers. The design and testing processes involved upwards of 145 prototypes before Atomic honed in on the final design.

“The fruits of those extensive labors are two new skis that should suit most skiers in most conditions, and make the idea of a one-ski quiver a very attainable reality,” said Sean.

Atomic Maven Ski

The Ski Technology

Focusing on versatility, Atomic constructed the skis to integrate new and existing technologies like Omatic Core construction and the Atomic’s versatile Flow Profile.

The Omatic core consists of a combination of titanium and fiberglass layers in the Maverick and carbon fiber inlay in the Maven to blend the best of stiffness and flex throughout the length of the ski.

The flex is complimented by the Flow Profile, a rocker/camber/rocker silhouette combined with HRZN Tech and early-taper tips to make turn initiation more intuitive anywhere on the mountain. Both ski lines feature a poplar wood core that keeps weight down and produces a responsive, performance-minded flex.

The skis will be available for the 2021-22 season in widths ranging from 86mm underfoot to 100mm for the Maverick and 86mm to 93mm for the Maven.

Watch the video to get a behind the scenes look at how these skis were developed.