Team Selection 2021: Update from Greg Dixon

All PSIA-AASI Team Selection 2021 candidates are on the snow at Breckenridge, Colorado today, enjoying 10 inches of fresh snow as they put years of hard work and preparation into an effort to earn a spot on the team.

Here, PSIA Telemark Team Coach Gregory Dixon discusses his first term as team coach, the ONEteam concept, and his expectations for selection.

Why are you excited to have Team Selection underway?

There is a lot of anticipation for this selection after last season’s COVID delay provided a dramatic build-up for the event. Some of the skills we expect from team members have changed – for example leading video presentations is a skill we now expect of all team members.

Also, this is the first time telemark and cross country disciplines have separate teams that are selected by coaches specific to each discipline. It is a unique situation, because the disciplines have been separated, but are still bound by the ONEteam concept.

Personally, I am excited for my first year as head coach to a new team. I believe this will allow me the opportunity to influence the new team towards specific goals that will benefit our discipline and organization.

What do you feel is unique about the candidates you have for this particular team?

One unique attribute is that all the telemark team candidates were also at the 2016 selection. I am looking forward to seeing how the candidates have grown and developed over the last five years. Have they built upon the feedback and experiences from the last selection to get themselves to the place where they can make the team this year?

How do you expect this team to impact and inform future PSIA-AASI instruction?

The question is also the answer. The goal of this event is to select members that will have an impact on the future of our organization. Team members with vision and drive will continue to develop what we are able to deliver to our membership and our industry.

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