Wing Surf Into Summer with High-End Slingshot Gear

Wing surfing has exploded as a discipline over the last year, and PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Slingshot has all the high quality gear you need to have a great time this summer while staying in shape for the snow.

“Anyone can Wing Surf,” said Wyatt Miller, Wing Brand Manager. “PSIA-AASI members are already thrill seekers for snow, and with Slingshot products they can enjoy the thrill of being powered by the wind over water, land or snow.”

Wyatt said that snowsports instructors with little to no sailing or kiting experience, will get the hang of winging right out of the gate. “The SlingWing’s unique appeal comes from how simple it is to use and the freedom you feel using it.”

Beginners can start on their own hard paddle board and convert it into a Wing board with an accessory stick-on center keel, the sUP WINDer. Slingshot also recently launched a new convertible board that is an inflatable SUP with the sUP WINDer fin already attached called the Crossbreed  11’ Airtech Package w/ sUP WINDer.

“Adding a hydrofoil such as the Hover Glide FWing package to your Wing foil a board will supercharge your wing’s performance,” said Wyatt. “The drag and surface tension of the water is significantly reduced giving you more speed, maneuverability and an upwind advantage. Not to mention a quiet and Zen like experience floating high above the water, making effortlessly long glides propelled by the power of a small wind swell with complete freedom of movement.”

Start your new summer adventure right now by logging in to the Pro Offers page and enjoying your member-specific discount on all Slingshot gear.

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