Skate to Ski Program Helps You Stay in Snow Shape all Summer

PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Rollerblade’s Skate to Ski Training System is a fun, effective way to stay in shape all summer, and the perfect complement to keeping your ski skills sharp for next winter.

Inline skating recreates the unique muscle movements and carving motions found in skiing. Skiers at every ability level are discovering the amazing cross-training and fitness benefits of inline skating.

Whether you are a full-time or part-time instructor, connect your winters with Rollerblade inline skates. You can learn more about the Skate to Ski program and download the app.

Rollerblade also offers plenty of inline skate tips for people familiarizing themselves with the sport, as well as a four-phase progression program to help you practice your skills before you advance to each new level.

You can shop for gear and accessories on the Rollerblade website that will direct you to an authorized Rollerblade dealer.

And remember to regularly check the PSIA-AASI Event Calendar to take advantage of skate to ski clinics near you.