In Ultimate Skiing, LeMaster Shares the Techniques of Great Skiing

Ron LeMaster’s book, Ultimate Skiing, is as insightful as it is beautiful. Using his instantly recognizable multiple exposure photography of athletes arcing through turns, he succinctly discusses the fundamentals, techniques, and tactics of high level skiing in all conditions. The result is a full color encyclopedia that can help even top instructors and their students continue to refine their turns.

“I have been teaching, training, and coaching for over 20 years. Ron LeMaster’s insights in Ultimate Skiing have helped create better experiences for everyone I work with on the slopes,” said Katie Ertl, senior vice president of mountain operations at Aspen Skiing, in a promotion for the book upon its publication.

In illustrating the book, Ron provides a fascinating look at the particular talents of legendary racers such as Bode Miller, Lindsey Vonn, and Hermann Maier, and also includes ‘how-to’ imagery of iconic instructors such as Annie Black, Bob Barnes, and the late Jerry Berg.

“I wrote Ultimate Skiing to help skiers understand how skiing works and how to do it,” said Ron. “I felt people could use a book that explained this – the mechanics and technique of skiing – in terms based on their personal experience of the sport, not abstract concepts from high school physics.”

He added, “As an instructor, once you understand the what and the how better, you’re in a better position to assess your students’ skiing and formulate a plan for helping them enjoy it more by doing it better.”

The book is available online in print and digital editions directly from and from most online booksellers.

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