Spot Adds Mountain Biking to Your Injury and Insurance Coverage

Official Supplier Spot and PSIA-AASI now offer injury insurance coverage for any time you ski, snowboard or mountain bike this year – whether you’re professionally instructing, hitting the slopes on your day off, or mountain biking when the snow stops falling.

Get hurt? Seek treatment with any licensed physician that’s convenient to you, and your Spot policy will cover you for medical costs up to $25,000 – each time you’re accidentally injured.

“There’s no deductible and Spot’s policy works whether or not you have existing health insurance,” said Nabil Rahman, Spot Chief Product Officer. “For a one-time payment of just $80, you’ll be covered on any mountain–while working, free skiing, free riding, or mountain biking in the U.S. for a whole year from your sign-up date.”

For injuries big and small, Spot’s got your back.

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