Learn About the New Anti Ordinary Head Protection Beanie

Anti Ordinary designed and built a beanie that functions like a helmet to help protect against head injuries.

“Instead of making a helmet more comfortable, we thought why not make a beanie safer?” said Founder Robert Joseph about the project.

The Anti Ordinary beanie functions like a helmet and is both ASTM F2040 (United States helmet certification) and CE EN1077 (European Union helmet certification) approved, making it a modern head protection option that uses new design and technological considerations to help protect against impacts.

“A helmet designed for one huge impact can be relatively ineffective in smaller, repetitive, impacts,” he said. “Meaning the impacts I’m most like to suffer from cruising groomers is very different than the impact a professional pipe skier will experience falling from 16ft above the coping, yet we’re likely wearing the same helmet. Instead, we should optimize the helmet we’re wearing for the activity.”

He said Anti Ordinary is building head protection to meet the needs of most skiers and riders who want a comfortable option that also protects against a range of impact types.

Anti Ordinary feature list:

  • ASTM F2040, EN1077 approved
  • Patented dual stage liner design
  • Patented flexible frame design
  • Non-Newtonian smart materials
  • Merino inner
  • Fidlock buckles

It’s unique design and construction means the Anti Ordinary beanie fits everyone – no more deciding what size helmet you need.

The Anti Ordinary beanie is due for release in 2021.

You can learn more by listening to this podcast or visiting the Anti Ordinary website.