New Podcasts Highlight Ron Shephard & Certification Standards

Listen to these two new First Chair podcasts to learn about PSIA-AASI Central Division’s education initiative and also how the association’s new certification standards will benefit you.

Meet Ron Shephard from the PSIA-AASI Central Division

In this podcast, First Chair catches up with Central Division CEO Ron Shephard about what’s happening this season in the Midwest. Ron also shares details about “What a Pro Knows,” a local initiative designed to promote education and instruction and sharing knowledge with other instructors, students, guests, and the industry.

Update from Education Session at PSIA-AASI Board Meeting

Listen to Jeb Boyd, head coach for the PSIA-AASI National Team, and Dave Schuiling, PSIA-AASI director of education in this podcast as they discuss the association’s Strategic Alignment Initiative and how the new certification standards will bring greater transparency and consistency to PSIA-AASI’s education and certification standards. Then read more.