Team Members Enjoyed Playing Bass and Riding Harleys This Summer

PSIA-AASI National Team members are ready to get back on snow after a fun-filled summer of new experiences.

“My summers used to be the same as my winters,” said PSIA Alpine Team member Jonathan Ballou. “I spent roughly 20 years going back and forth between Aspen, Colorado and various New Zealand ski schools.”

With restrictions on travel Jonathan said, “Parallel winters seem to be a thing of the past. While I am somewhat sad about it, I welcomed the chance to spend my summer doing different activities to help me expand my winter skill set.”

That included everything from mountain biking to playing bass. He said, “I played bass growing up… and played for a living at one point. Returning to music has inspired me in new ways, it’s humbling and satisfying.”

Jonathan said, “Collaborative performances with other musicians who are more proficient than myself is similar, but not the same as ’becoming a beginner again.’”

“It’s similar in that the presence of those far better than oneself is inspiring and insights a learning mentality,” he added. “The difference is the need to perform at a high level and the consequence for not doing so. The experience is all at once terrifying, humbling, inspiring, and can result in deep introspection and enhanced confidence.”

PSIA Alpine Team member Ryan Christofferson also got back to some of the activities he loves including riding his Harley. He started the summer by riding over 800 miles on his Harley to visit family.

After his ride, he helped coach a race camp at Mt. Hood with PSIA Alpine Team Coach Michael Rogan, and teammates Robin Barnes, Ann Schorling, Dusty Dyar, Ben Potts, Stephen Helfenbein and former team member Dave Lyon. He’s now remodeling his bathroom before the start of winter.