Snowboard Team Shreds Indoors to Prep for Team Training

Before the AASI Snowboard Team hit the snow for Team Training at Arapahoe Basin, Colorado, last month, they hit the SNÖBAHN Indoor Ski + Snowboard Center for indoor carving.

“Tony Macri (Snowboard Assistant and Development Coach) thought it would be a great way to spend some time together and get ourselves warmed up for team training at A-basin,” said team member Lyndsey Stevens. “Some of the team had experienced artificial slopes, but not everyone, and none of us had been to SNÖBAHN.”

The site includes artificial revolving slopes for snowboarding and skiing, trampolines for perfecting freestyle maneuvers, and ramps for skateboarding.

Lyndsey shared that before arriving at SNÖBAHN, the team talked about how they could use the facility for training.

She said, “We were all a bit curious to experience riding on artificial slopes. When we arrived, we warmed up on trampolines conveniently placed next to an air bag. We were guided through some safety exercises, and not long after everyone was front flipping and rodeo throwing.”

The team practiced straight glides, side-slipping, and J-turns on the artificial slopes.

“I was impressed by the SNÖBAHN coaches’ ability to provide instruction and practice while using a remote to control the speed, and steepness, of the revolving slope we were riding,” said Stevens.

“At one point,” she said, “I noticed on the next slope over, a young student was getting to take a fun break with his instructor. They sat down at the bottom of the revolving slope, the instructor hit the button on the remote and up they went, giggling and smiling.”

After the artificial slope, Stevens said Amy Gan Bailey and Brian Donovan grabbed their skateboards to play on the indoor ramps, while Chuck Hewitt, Matt Larson, and Tony went to the hyperdrive ramp to practice freestyle tricks, landing in the airbag.

“The facility has a lot of great training features for all levels of riders,” Lyndsey said. “I see SNÖBAHN as a great place to keep skills sharp during summer months when the snow is melted or for anyone who is living in the city and wants to get practice time before their trip up to the mountains.”

Watch this video to see the team in action: