Cross Country Academy 2021 Proves Low Snow is No Barrier to Fun

The PSIA Cross Country Team held a successful event in West Yellowstone, Montana, last week, proving that learning, fun, and professional development can all effectively take place in less-than-optimal snow conditions.

“’Adapt and find the opportunity’ was our motto PSIA Cross Country Academy,” said Cross Country Team Coach Emily Lovett. “The result was a boat load of sharing, learning, and fun with each other to kick off the season! Thanks to Rendezvous Ski Trails for hosting us!”

Team member Zeke Fashingbauer said teaching and people skills can be effectively applied in any type of terrain or snow condition.

“As Cross Country Academy approached, we were confident we could deliver an engaging experience to participants even if it meant dryland activities,” said Zeke. “We were able to ski all three days drawing on the teaching and people skills we developed through our training.”

Zeke said by focusing on great teaching and communication throughout the three-day event, he witnessed participants building relationships and learning together.

“It is our hope,” he said, “that everyone who attended left feeling more excited, confident, and prepared for skiing and teaching.”

New team member Tulie Budiselich, who had previously attended Cross Country Academy as a participant, has always viewed the event as a wonderful way to start off the season.

“The essence of what makes this event so special lay in the quality of connection cultivated with other instructors and clinic leaders and the inspiration that comes with it,” she said. “With that in mind, my main goal for this event was to create an environment where people could connect deeply with new ideas and with each other.”

She shared, “coincidently, connecting with others isn’t something that requires snow!”