Goal Setting with Keith Rodney

Learn what PSIA-AASI National Team member Keith Rodney is working on this season.

Instructors and athletes at the top of their craft know there’s always room for professional development. They’re also adept at formulating a strategy to successfully reach their goals.

This series of stories focuses on how team members set goals and build plans to achieve their goals. Learn from PSIA Telemark Team member Keith Rodney’s insight and find takeaways for your own approach.

Keith Rodney’s Goals for the Season

Goals: Technical skills. I’m working on my steering and practicing a lighter touch with my skis to improve my versatility. My goal is to be more accurate when I blend the fundamentals – specifically moving along the length of my skis and managing the magnitude of pressure. While I love the power of skiing, I recognize that finesse helps me refine my skills and improves my ability to adapt all conditions.

My Goal Plan: I’m exploring a greater variety of snow conditions and terrain to push the boundaries of my skills. By “extending my range,” my ability to blend my fundamentals improves. Broad experiences and refined timing are key to developing strong technical skills.

Resources to Use: I’ll spend time training and getting inspiration from different disciplines. For example, when I’m telemark skiing, I’ll try and go faster to keep up with alpine skiers, or if I’m out with snowboarders I’ll follow their maneuvers to help me push my limits.

How You Can Use this Plan: By spending time exploring new terrain and conditions, you’ll improve your versatility and fundamentals to advance your overall performance.

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