PSIA-AASI 60th Anniversary Podcasts

When PSIA’s seven founders sat down to form the Professional Ski Instructors of America in May 1961 at Big Mountain in Whitefish, Montana, they had one goal: To create a standard of consistency for ski instruction that would help draw new participants to the sport from across the nation.

Now, six decades later, PSIA-AASI teaches everyone how to enjoy more than just alpine skiing; welcoming every snowsports discipline, ability, and person. This new PSIA-AASI First Chair podcast series takes a closer look at six of the greatest breakthroughs the association has achieved for the benefit of skiers and snowboarders. Listen to these podcasts, then visit the 60th Anniversary page to learn more.

Part 2: Equal Opportunity for Women in Snowsports

Listen to this podcast as Carol Levine and Megan Bourke discuss equal opportunity for women in snowsports, one of the six most notable teaching benchmarks from the past 60 years. Learn the importance of welcoming women as athletes and instructors.

Part 3: The Junior Education Team

The third podcast of this series lets you listen to Marie Shaw and Grant Nakamura discuss the importance of providing a focus on kid-specific instruction for all disciplines. Learn how children’s instruction requires different skills and priorities than adult instruction.

Part 4: Creating the Snowboard Instructor Association

In this podcast, Dave Alden and Randy Price discuss the creation of the American Association of Snowboard Instructors. Learn about the importance of creating the world’s first integrated instruction entity aimed solely at improving the on-snow riding experience for everyone from beginners to athletes at the highest level of professional competition.