New Podcasts: Importance of People Skills & How to Adapt to Injury

Listen to these two new First Chair podcasts to learn how your people skills can help your students learn, and how an injury doesn’t have to keep you off the snow and teaching.

Matt Chats About Enhancing Your People Skills

Listen to this podcast with PSIA Alpine Assistant and Development Coach Matt Boyd as he chats about people skills, which are one of the three tenants of the Learning Connection framework. People skills are about communicating in effective ways to develop trust and achieve good relationships with your students and peers. Check out the entire The Learning Connection & Discipline-Specific Fundamentals.

Mike on how to Manage and Adapt When You’re Injured

In this podcast, First Chair catches up with PSIA-AASI Adaptive Team member, Mike Ma, about his season. Mike shares his story about what he did to manage his own knee injury so he could still be on snow this season. Learn how he took an adaptive approach to change and adapt his movement and how this experience helped him become more empathetic and patient.