Watch the 2022 PSIA-AASI Awards & Recognition Ceremony

Watch the PSIA-AASI Award & Recognition Ceremony recording from National Academy 2022 at Big Sky, Montana.

PSIA-AASI National Academy, Rider Rally, Adaptive Academy, and Telemark Academy welcomed a total of 460 coaches and attendees for the biggest Academy ever. You can now watch a recording of the Awards & Recognition ceremony, one of the biggest moments of the biggest academy, here.

The annual awards ceremony recognizes members’ achievements as instructors, leaders, and collaborators in the industry.

Honorees include:

Ron LeMaster, Educational Excellence: This award recognizes members who authored or helped develop educational materials or resources related to teaching snowsports or the snowsports industry.

Katherine Hayes Rodriguez, Distinguished Service: This award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to support the success of PSIA-AASI and its members.

Charles (Charlie) Rockwell and Jani Sutherland, Lifetime Achievement: This award recognizes exceptional members who developed and implemented programs, projects, and procedures affecting the association on a national level while demonstrating dedication, devotion, and self-sacrifice serving in their role.

Michael Mendrick, 3 C’s Award: This award recognizes members who demonstrated positive leadership within their snowsport school or division through consistent collaboration, communication, and cooperation with peers and guests – they serve as role models for others.

Gina Basiliere, Top of the Course Award: This award recognizes members who scored at the highest percentile in people, teaching, and skiing or snowboarding technical knowledge; and who empowered other candidates during the level III exam process.

Stevie Lund (2019) and Dylan Ault (2021) Angus Graham Rising Star Award: This award recognizes standout members who show promise charting a career path within the snowsport industry.

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