Team Members Share Their Summer Adventures: Zoe Mavis

Catch up with PSIA-AASI National Team members as they share their summer adventures and how it keeps them on their game for winter. Here’s what PSIA Alpine Team member Zoe Mavis has been doing this summer.

What’s your go-to summer activity or adventure?

I’m a multi-day river guide, so my go-to activity is getting on the river in any way possible! I guide on the Lower Salmon, Hell’s Canyon of the Snake, and the Grand Ronde Rivers. I’m about to launch on a “fun” trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon with my partner, dog, and some friends. Shelby Rogala is the person with the permit, so we will definitely talk skiing while floating.

Why is getting on the river one of your favorite offseason activities?

I love being on the river because I get to introduce people to a special experience in nature. Also, when it’s hot out the river is a perfect place to be.

What did you learn?

I’m always learning new things on the river. Especially in whitewater scenarios, where there are constantly changing factors to consider and learn from. When on a multi-day trip, you have so many different elements to think about when making decisions. Metaphorically speaking, using the current instead of fighting it puts you in a better position.

How does this keep you physically and mentally engaged?

I just finished a trip rowing a 3,000 pound boat, and we carry heavy things to set up camp so the physical element is always there. Between trips, I stay engaged with the ski industry by organizing and planning instructors trainings for Big Sky Resort.

Listen to this podcast to hear more from Zoe.