Team Member Summer Adventures: Stephanie Wilkerson

Catch up with PSIA-AASI National Team members as they share their summer adventures and how it keeps them on their game for winter. Here’s how AASI Snowboard Team member Stephanie Wilkerson is spending her summer.

What’s been your go-to summer activity or big summer adventure?

I’ve spent the summer living van life in Northern Arizona while my husband and I build an off-grid tiny cabin. While the project has occupied most all of my time, I’m still finding free time everyday to think about snowboarding. I can’t help but ponder what adventures the upcoming season will bring.

What did you learn? 

This summer has been full of different lessons. A lot of them centered around patience, and trusting the process.

I’ve also been reminded of how there are always multiple ways to accomplish the same outcome. And we all do things a bit differently and in our own way.

How does this keep you physically and mentally engaged in the offseason?

Building an off-grid cabin has come with constant problem solving. Nothing ever works out quite the way we imagine it will, and there is always an opportunity to come up with creative solutions using the tools and skills set we already have.

These situations remind me of teaching and instructing on snow. There are always opportunities for creative solutions to reach a certain outcome with our students using the tools and skills they already have.

It has also kept me physically engaged, as there is a lot of physical work that goes into building a cabin. Mostly I’ve enjoyed spending my days outdoors in the fresh air, and especially the summer lightning storms that often end in rainbows stretched across the sky.