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The experts at PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Toko have been producing alpine waxes since 1933, so it’s no wonder that some of today’s most successful Nordic, alpine, and snowboard athletes count on Toko waxing and tuning products for top-level performance.

You can enjoy member-specific pricing on Toko products, which you can purchase directly from the Toko Pro Offers page by logging into Pro Offers and scrolling down to the Toko logo.

Toko US Brand Manager Ian Harvey said members will receive a 50 percent off discount on all Toko products except for clearance items, adding, “This includes Toko gloves and bags, not just the waxes and tools.”

He also said, “Please make sure to check out our kits section as there are some very convenient kits at superb prices.”

If you want to learn more about how to use Toko products to keep your skis and snowboard in top tuning shape, you can head to to listen to a series of ski preparation podcasts.

Ian said, “Here is a link to an episode that we did which was an interview with the Toko Chemist on the process of developing fluorine free race waxes.”

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