Ted Ligety Partners with PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Carv

Two-time Olympic gold medalist and five-time World Alpine Ski Champion Ted Ligesty has partnered with PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Carv, the world’s first training system that measures your skiing in real time.

Ted, who developed a revolutionary technique on the snow that made him unbeatable, now wants to help skiers across the world improve their technique and ski expertise as part of his partnership with Carv and their new Train with an Olympian program.

Packed with 72 pressure sensors and a motion sensor in each set of inserts, Carv’s advanced wearable sensor system turns your ski boots into a personal coach. The system fits under the liner of your boot, so you can use it in custom molded ski boots, stock boots, or even rentals.

“It’s my mission to make skiing more accessible and fun,” Ted said. “I’ve spent my whole career pushing the limits of what’s possible on skis, and with this partnership I have put that experience into a program that most skiers can follow. Our goal was to develop a real-time coaching experience that helps a wide range of skiers make the kind of turns they could only dream of.”

He added, “What is particularly exciting is that we have been using Carv’s database of 200 million turns to look at how skiers will respond to the training, using specific metrics to measure and teach the perfect turn.”

Carv’s Train with an Olympian program is designed to transform the technique of a wide range of skiers, with personalized coaching from Ted along the way. The program includes:

  • 40 increasingly challenging levels to help you develop your technique.
  • Real-time audio coaching, drills, and concepts, built by Ted.
  • The chance to compare your turns to data captured from Ted’s own skiing to see how close you can get to his famous turns.

Carv CEO Jamie Grant said, “We are always looking to find the world’s best coaching advice and bring it to our members. We couldn’t be more excited to work with Ted – he’s changed the game as an athlete and now he’s able to change the game as a coach by combining his ideas with the Carv platform.”

Check the Pro Offers page to see where Carv can take your skiing this season.

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