Get Steep Discounts on Lorpen Socks

Official Supplier Lorpen knows a good sock is important to your comfort and performance, especially when it comes down to the difference a dry, comfortable foot makes when you’re outside. Enjoy 40 percent off all Lorpen technical socks with the PSIA-AASI member’s code, which is available when you log in to the Pro Offers page and scroll to the Lorpen product menu.

The brand has only been manufacturing one thing since its foundation in 1985: innovative technical socks for outdoor sports. The company leverages their product specific processes in its commitment to preserving the environment and uses the most advanced sock manufacturing techniques in its designs while implementing feedback from professional skiers, runners, and outdoor enthusiasts to advance each generation of socks.

Lorpen is the only company to construct T3 socks with three real layers, and can now apply that technology even more cleverly. In its relentless effort to improve its socks’ performance, it discovered the Selective Layering System. This is a technology that allows Lorpen to combine different numbers of layers in different areas of the same sock, as required by the activity.

Lorpen also employs targeted cushioning, which shields key zones of the foot from abrasions with no additional bulk in the wearer’s shoes or boots. Special venting areas in Lorpen socks are specially designed to enhance breathability. When combined with Selective Layering technology, this design creates a sock that always keeps feet at just the right temperature.

Lorpen is excited to offer PSIA-AASI members an exclusive 40% discount on all socks.

To get your discount: 

  1. Go to
  2. Add to cart the socks you want
  3. Apply the discount code (visible in PRO OFFERS)

Lorpen has 25 unique pairs of winter sport socks with designs that implement different technologies and yarns. There are socks for everyone, incluing: high-rise, low-rise, warm, and light so you’re sure to find your ideal pair on its website. Once you try a pair of professionally designed, cutting-edge technical socks, you’ll immediately understand what all the fuss is about.

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