2022 Year in Review: 5 Top Webinars to Help You Be a Better Teacher

Happy New Year! Hope your 2023 is off to a snowy start, with lots of great turns, teaching, and goals to achieve throughout the winter.

As we look back at 2022, here are the five top watched webinars, all with a focus on helping you become a better instructor while also earning continuing education units (CEUs).

Each of these webinars costs $20. Upon completion you will earn 1 CEU.

1. Cueing in Snowsports

PSIA Alpine Team member Dusty Dyar leads this webinar. Watch to explore and learn about what is external cueing, when you should use external cues in lessons, and how to use the Learning Connection model to develop impactful cues.

2. Exploring People Skills

Watch this webinar to get insight into how to create a learning environment specific to the needs of your students with AASI Snowboard Team member Stephanie Wilkerson. You’ll also get tactics for your own personal and professional development, including tips on improving progressions, motivation, and mental performance on and off the snow.

3. Evolving Your Bag of Tricks

In this webinar, PSIA Cross Country Team Coach Emily Lovett shows how you can expand your tools, methods, and strategies to create positive experiences and learning. “As instructors, coaches, and trainers we strive to learn and grow in our roles. In doing so, we look for ways to expand our tools, methods, and strategies to create positive experiences and learning for our students,” said Emily. “In this webinar we’ll look at using the movement analysis process, a student-centered focus, and our own creativity to elevate learning experiences.”

4. Art of Being (More) Emotionally Intelligent

This webinar session with Fran Tone focuses on people skills and emotional intelligence.

5. People Skills and the CAP Model

In this webinar with PSIA Alpine Team member Kevin Jordan, you will learn how combine the people skills fundamentals and overlay them with the CAP (Cognitive, Affective, Physical) Model. After completing this webinar, you’ll be able to integrate people skills fundamentals and the CAP Model into your practice or your art of teaching.