How PHOOZY Keeps You Connected on the Mountain

Have you ever noticed your phone battery seems to die faster during very cold days on the mountain? Dead phones on the mountain are a common issue that many skiers and riders experience, and it can be frustrating to deal with – not to mention a serious safety issue.

Here, PSIA-AASI Official Supplier PHOOZY explores why your phone battery dies when it’s cold, and what you can do to prevent it.

The Science Behind Battery Life

Before diving into the reasons behind your phone’s battery life in the cold, it’s important to understand how batteries work. All batteries, including the lithium-ion batteries found in your phone, contain a chemical reaction that produces electricity. This reaction is affected by temperature and impacts the battery’s overall performance.

When it’s cold outside, the chemical reactions that occur within the battery slow down because chemical reactions occur more slowly at lower temperatures (and faster at higher temperatures). As a result, the battery’s capacity is reduced, meaning it won’t hold as much of a charge as it would at warmer temperatures. This means your phone’s battery will die more quickly in the cold.

In addition to reduced capacity, cold temperatures can also cause the battery to discharge more quickly, reducing the actual life of the battery, not just the charge. Did you know that your phone’s operating system and apps consume more power when they are cold? When combined with reduced capacity, this can lead to a significant decrease in battery life.

What Can I Do to Extend My Phone’s Battery Life?

Here are some steps you can take to prevent your phone’s battery from quickly dying in the cold so you can stay connected on the mountain.

  • Use a PHOOZY Thermal Capsule. The entire line of PHOOZY products were designed to insulate your phones and tablets to extend battery life up to 4X longer than without using a PHOOZY. Made from materials developed by NASA to protect astronauts and electronics in the harsh conditions of space, the PHOOZY is your safety sidekick on the mountain to keep you connected and protected.
  • Check the age and health of your battery. If your battery is more than two seasons old, it’s most likely time for a new one. As you put charge cycles on your battery, its performance in cold weather is greatly diminished. On iPhones and Android, you can go into your system settings to check your battery health – if it is less than 85% it’s time for a new one! Keep it fresh to keep it charged and to optimize the performance of your device year-round.
  • Keep an ultra-slim, lightweight power bank with you if you anticipate being in near-zero temperatures. It’s important to keep your power bank in your PHOOZY Thermal Capsule or a second PHOOZY. There is nothing worse than pulling out your power bank to realize the cold has zapped all its juice!

See You On The Slopes

The PHOOZY keeps your phone going all day so you never miss a moment. It also increases your on-mountain safety. With PHOOZY’s exclusive members-only pro deal, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to stay connected and protected. Don’t let your phone die in the cold, get a PHOOZY!

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