Register Now for Free IAESS Webinar Taking Place Wednesday

Register now to take advantage of a free International Association of Education and Science in Snowsport (IAESS) webinar tomorrow, Wednesday at 10 a.m. MT.

This exciting webinar “Exploring the Characteristics of Person-Centered Delivery” presented by Paul Garner will focus on a holistic approach to teaching.

Paul shared, “Much of the existing coaching literature focuses on pedagogical models and theories of learning; without detracting from this important body of work, I suggest that a holistic approach requires a greater focus on coaches’ inter- and intra- personal knowledge.”

He adds, “In this research, video stimulated recall was used to guide interviews with alpine ski coaches, to explore their thought processes and intentions behind person-centered delivery. The findings suggest these coaches adopted other-centered intentions that are facilitated by an accurate self-assessment, a big picture perspective and a willingness to learn. Consequently, the concept of humility is proposed as a guiding principle for person-centered coaching, and a conceptual model (POWA) is presented.”

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