Gender (In)Equity and Mentoring in Snowsports Seminar

Register now for a free international Gender (In)Equity and Mentoring in Snowsports Seminar hosted by Andrea Spieth and Vanessa Mann of the German Ski Instructors Association in collaboration with Interski International.

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The seminar happens on Friday, July 14, at 8:30 a.m. MST and features presentations by former PSIA Alpine Team member Heidi Ettlinger and Canadian Ski Instructors (CSIA) course conductor Erica Prestidge.

PSIA Alpine Team member Ann Schorling’s keynote at the Interski Congress in Levi 2023, The Value of Gender Inclusion, inspired many people to join the Winternational Gender Initiatives Whatsapp group to connect about gender-related topics in the world of snowsports.

One outcome was the formation of the Winternational Mentoring Group, which aims to guide people through establishing mentoring programs in their community.

In this webinar, Heidi and Erica will lay the groundwork for a live Q&A session and provide a platform to network and exchange best practices. Breakout rooms will support setting up programs to enhance networking and collaboration.

The target group for this seminar includes females, males, and diverse people who care about gender topics in the snowsports community.

Join this essential international conversation to be part of the empowerment movement in snowsports.