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PSIA-AASI Official Supplier CEP offers PSIA-AASI members the deepest discount on the brand’s anatomically padded, crease-free compression hiking socks.

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The CEP Hiking Collection is the perfect companion for your outdoor activities. CEP developed its Compression Hiking Socks for outdoor use. Thanks to the innovative medi compression, these socks give you better sure-footedness, more fitness on the ascent, and perfect comfort.

Also, the anatomically padded foot section of the CEP hiking socks ensures a crease-free fit in your shoe and reliably protects you from blisters and pressure points. So you can fully concentrate on your hike.

Four great reasons to wear CEP Hiking Socks on your next adventure:

  1. No Blisters – The wrinkle-free, compressive fit and high-quality material enclose your foot like a second skin and prevent annoying slipping and blistering.
  1. Climate Regulation – The use of merino wool and the integration of strategically placed ventilation zones ensure dry and well-tempered feet – in any weather. 
  1. Light Legs – The precisely defined medi compression profile already stimulates blood circulation while hiking. In this way, your muscles are optimally supplied with important nutrients – for fresh legs. 
  1. Stable Joints – The precisely defined medi compression profile stimulates your muscles and joints with a deep sensory effect and prepares them for any surface on which you will be hiking – for a stable step at all times.