“Injury-Free Winter” Fitness Course Now Available

Learn how to build your fitness this summer for an injury-free winter with this recorded webinar, that features PSIA-AASI member Sue Kramer. Plus, after you complete this webinar, you’ll earn 1 CEU.

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As part of the PSIA-AASI Summer Series, this recorded webinar is one of the many interactive options you’ll find to help you keep your body and mind in shape for winter.

Plan to learn multiple exercises that will help you build a foundation of core stability, balance, and strength. You can practice these exercises this summer to give you the groundwork you need before you start your pre-season snowsports-specific training.

Although it’s recorded, you should plan to actively participate in the workout in real time! Also, watching this webinar from your home or your regular gym is highly recommended.

You’ll need several pieces of equipment to participate in this training session:

  1. A stationary bike, treadmill, or rowing machine
  2. Three sets of dumbbells of different weights
  3. A physioball
  4. A stopwatch