Pure Mountain Fun Joins
PSIA-AASI as an Official Supplier

PSIA-AASI welcomes Pure Mountain Fun as an Official Supplier. Focused on delivering solutions for families to maximize their experience at snowsports resorts worldwide, the company’s designs for ski and snowboard carriers were inspired by two fun-loving 10-year-olds in 2020. Seeking to ease the process for families to get to the slopes, Pure Mountain Fun offers a pocket-sized, hands-free “Ski Pack” and “Rider Pack” that makes it easier for children of all ages to carry their equipment.

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“The Ski Pack and Rider Pack eliminate the hassle of juggling ski and snowboard equipment while navigating the walk to and from the chairlifts,” said Julie Gacnik, the brand’s creator. “The four-ounce pack creates a custom fit while worn, and stores in most winter jacket pockets while on the slopes, eliminating the need for locker rentals.”

The patent-pending Ski Pack features tear-resistant material that is lightweight and quick drying. A reinforced opening in the bottom is wide enough to allow skis to slide through easily but prevents bindings from passing through. The Rider Pack is made of the same material and is custom-designed to accommodate snowboards.

According to Gacnik, “The Ski Pack and Rider Pack allow equipment to be safely secured to a young child and allows them to walk while holding hands of a family member, eating a snack, loading a bus, and navigating stairs – ultimately taking the stress out of the day for everyone involved.”

She also said, “Families with athletes of various needs, physical and mental, have used the packs to help carry their skis while supporting the athlete in getting to their adaptive programs. The packs really do help skiers of all abilities.”

Pure Mountain Fun’s Special Edition line, The ‘Chute Pack, offers Ski Packs and Rider Packs made from repurposed military parachutes and eco-friendly components. A portion of sales from The ‘Chute Pack goes to Azimuth Check Foundation to directly support military veterans and their families seeking to get outdoors.

Through its partnership with PSIA-AASI, Pure Mountain Fun values the opportunity to offer Ski Packs and Rider Packs to instructors, so they can focus on the fun. “This ultimately changes the start and finish to the day when walking with equipment,” said Gacnik. “I hope PSIA-AASI members feel a sense of support from Pure Mountain Fun that helps them be the most effective teacher/coach on the slope.”

Learn more about Pure Mountain Fun’s products and features, all available at member-specific pricing, when you log in to the brand’s new Pro Offers page.