New First Chair: Member Survey Results + Pre-Season Knee Fitness

Two new PSIA-AASI First Chair Podcasts take a deeper dive into what you and other professional instructors shared in the recent Member Survey, as well as preventative exercises you can perform to keep your knees in shape for the winter.

The links in each of these stories take you to the SoundCloud Podcast Community pages. You can also now listen to the entire First Chair Podcast library on Spotify.

PSIA-AASI CEO Peggy Hiller Shares Results from Your Member Survey

PSIA-AASI First Chair Podcast host George Thomas sits down with PSIA-AASI CEO Peggy Hiller to discuss the results of the 2023 Member Survey. Listen as she shares how members like you responded to questions about the member experience, professional development, and opportunities for individual improvement, and how those responses inform how the association is planning for the future.

Listen to Peggy’s Podcast

Dr. Leslie Desrosiers on Keeping Your ACL Strong in the Offseason

Dr. Leslie Desrosiers discusses how you can elevate your fitness routine with sport-specific preventative exercises that take performance and longevity to new heights. Find out how simple it can be to add game-changing neuromuscular control strategies to your workout, keep your knees stronger and healthier in the offseason, and help avoid injury while you’re on the snow next season.

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