Sidas/Therm-ic Meet Your Insole, Traction, Boot-Heating Needs

New PSIA-AASI Official Supplier Sidas/Therm-ic is known for its innovative heating and drying solutions and world-class insoles for alpine and cross country skiing.

Founded in 1975 by three ski instructors looking for ways to make skiers’ feet more comfortable, Sidas/Therm-ic is now offering its top-of-the-line products through the PSIA-AASI Shop all at member-specific pricing. So grab your must-have winter gear!

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Therm-ic Dryer V2

Use the Therm-ic Care systems after your sporting activity. In just a few hours, ski boots and sports shoes will be dry, heated, and ready for use.

  • Easy to use
  • Compact and silent
  • Suitable for all shoe types and sizes
  • Adjustable length.

Therm-ic Refresher

Use the Therm-ic Care systems after your sporting activity. The hygiene devices prevent the development of bacteria and germs while maintaining optimum heat inside the shoes.

  • Dries damp shoes or gloves in a few hours
  • Prevents the development of germs and bacteria with the UV
  • Absorbs unpleasant odors
  • Drying time control on the device
  • Compact and silent
  • Fits all boot types and sizes
  • Adjustable length.

3D Winter Performance Insoles

Inspired by developments for World Cup skiers, the Winter 3D Performance insole has been designed to improve pressure transmission for the skier and heel stability within the boot. These factors allow the skier to be more precise when carving, while also providing improved comfort.

The insulating aluminum film and EVA foam provide comfort and warmth for the feet, an additional bonus for daylong skiing sessions.

3D Nordic XC Insoles

Preformed insoles specially designed for Nordic skiing (classic and skating). Get the most out of your sport during the different phases: propulsion, gliding, and maneuvering.

These light and comfortable insoles provide you with precision and momentum. The 3D shell gives stability to the foot and maximizes stability while gliding and maneuvering. The kick pad optimizes and boosts the propulsion phase.