Enjoy 32 Degrees Online from Your Laptop, Smartphone, or Tablet

Did you know you can enjoy 32 Degrees online?

Available in print and digital format, 32 Degrees is the member-voted number one benefit for PSIA-AASI members, publishing content specific to the jobs and lifestyle of instructors.

You can’t find this stuff in any other magazine, and it’s FREE to all members. Think of it as your go-to resource for becoming a better instructor.

Read 32 Degrees to find:

  • How-to articles specific to disciplines and lesson types
  • Videos that make it easy to learn tips from experts
  • Tips and tricks crowdsourced from instructors

To receive the print edition, members should keep their mailing address up to date in their member portal. Log in here to access the current issue beyond the 8-page preview available to non-members and use the pop-up tutorial to see how super-easy it is to navigate via live links as well as the built-in features.

Read the Fall Issue of 32 Degrees

Members are also encouraged to play around with the features to get a good sense of how quickly they can access all the news, including the Menu at top left, and the “Share,” “Search,” and “More” elements at the lower right.

“Double-clicking” on any given page will open buttons for zooming in, zooming out, zooming to width. Tap the orange “Play” button to watch videos and the “Click Here” boxes for all kinds of additional information.

Want to go back and find a timeless instructional story from one of your favorite issues? Access digital archives of 32 Degrees on this page: https://www.thesnowpros.org/education/32-degrees-magazine/

How to Access 32 Degrees on Your Smartphone or Tablet:

Find PSIA-AASI’s “Snow Pro Library” app – available for Apple, Android, and Kindle Fire users by searching for “PSIA,” “AASI,” or “Snow Pro Library” in the appropriate app store:

  • Download the app and allow notifications.
  • Within the app, click on the “lock” icon in the lower right corner of the publication you’ve purchased. This opens a window in which you’ll enter your PSIA-AASI log-in details:
    • Username = your Member Profile username (most people use their email address)
    • Password = your Member Profile password
  • Once you’re logged in, publications to which you have access – either purchased or free, member-only resources like 32 Degrees – have an arrow in the lower right corner. Tap the cover image to open the publication.