Professional Development Plan: National Team Member Troy Walsh

Congratulations to the 2021-24 PSIA-AASI National Team for all the work they’ve done promoting, supporting, and assisting with the development of PSIA-AASI education materials, programs, and activities at all levels.

As the team enters its final season, team coaches and members reflect on the work they’ve done for the association, their personal accomplishments, and their professional development plans — including how they think those plans can help you reach your goals this season.

PSIA Alpine Team Member Troy Walsh

Q: This team has achieved a lot in a short time — including representing the association at Interski 2023, continued refinement of the Learning Connection, and working toward the target date to align certification processes. What achievements stand out to you?  

A: I am amazed at the work ethic of this team. We had very little time to learn about each other but ended up gravitating to topics that we felt strongly about and found common ground and moved forward. The ability of each team member to listen, reflect, and adjust their own thoughts and behaviors to arrive at the common goal was very exciting. I am very pleased with adding more details to the Blue Ring of the Learning Connection Model. I am curious to see where it goes from here.

Q: Where do you want to improve this season, especially in regard to the individual people, teaching, and technical skills of the Learning Connection?

A: People skills: I am always looking for ways to better engage in meaningful two-way communication. My plan this year is to formulate good questions and allow as much time as needed for the person to express their opinions on the topic.

Teaching skills: Allowing for more time to facilitate the learner’s ability to reflect upon experiences and sensations.

Technical skills: After being at Interski and seeing so many inspiring skiers, it’s hard not to come home and reflect on some of your own core beliefs. My goal this year is to focus on how the upper body compliments the lower body or vice versa.

Q: What other professional goals do you have in terms of teaching and skiing?

A: In this short time with the team, it has shown me that having a strong belief system helps us all move our profession forward. The best thing about this team is its strong but malleable belief system. It has been incredible how quickly people modify movement patterns.

Q: How can you work with and learn from other instructors on this journey?

A: I find that with every group I have skied with someone has a better way of describing something. Listening intently and writing down gems along the way has helped me change the way I teach and ski.

Q: How can your professional development plan help other instructors work to achieve their goals?

A: Use my plan as a framework, then make use of trainers and other instructors’ insights to fill in gaps of understanding and performances. Plans and timelines should be flexible enough to allow for the individual to spend more or less time on a specific area of the Learning Connection Model.

Q: What does being a member of the PSIA-AASI community mean to you, and how do you share that sense of belonging with the people you teach, as well as other snow pros?

A: All my dearest friends are part of the PSIA-AASI community. I think when people see genuinely happy people together they want to be a part of that.